Film: 6402

Farming + Rural Life | 1940 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie of Wrington Young Farmers Club in 1942, Somerset. Annual show and market of calves at Winford Market, May 19th 1942. Annual show and market of ewes and lambs at Yatton Market, September 14th 1942. War is on so farmers either old or quite young.

28th November, 2007, Ivor Keel has catalogued this film. Names appearing in the film, together with addresses in 1942 and (in brackets) married names. Those marked with an asterisk * are known to be alive:

Winford Market
00:31 Joyce Wear (Joyce Box), Iwood Manor Farm, Wrington;
00:39 Sid Avery, Pool Farm, Sandford;
00:44 Iris Jones, Leggs Farm, Wrington;
00:51 Fred Wear, Iwood Manor Farm, Wrington;
00:53 Iris Jones;
00:55 Berly Wear (Berly Rowe), Iwood Manor Farm, Wrington;
00:56 Joyce Wear;
00:58 Fred Wear;
01:22 Ivor Keel *, Bourne Farm, Burrington;
01:28 Joe Cryer, Ridge Farm, Blagdon;
01:38 Gabriel Hardwick, Congresbury;
01:38 Sid Avery;
01:40 Sid Avery;
01:42 Sid Avery;
01:47 Joe Cryer;
01:56 I Keel;
02:01 Joyce Wear;
02:07 Beryl Wear;
02:10 Iris Jones;
02:17 Fred Wear;
02:23 Bill Phippen, Congresbury;
02:24 Geoff Davis, Hewish;
02:32 Ivor Keel;
02:36 Geoff Davis.

Yatton Market
02:55 Geoff Davis;
03:30 Bill Phippen
03:30 Sam Alvis, Brinsea Farm, Congresbury;
03:52 Ben Crossman wearing glasses*, Chestnut Farm, Claverham;
03:59 G Davis;
03:59 Gerrad Hunt auctioneer, Dawes and Hunt, Clevedon;
04:03 Ruth Hardwick, Havyatt Farm, Wrington;
04:06 Gerrad Hunt auctioneer;
04:11 Ada Hardwick (Ada Avery)*, Congresbury;
04:15 Jim Stevens and daughter;
04:21 Geoff Davis;
04:23 Sam Alvis;
04:29 Ada Hardwick;
04:29 Berly Wear;
04:47 (Marjorie Parsons) wearing red coat.

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