Film: 6407

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


International Scout Camp 1930's

The camp for 1935 with Lord Baden-Powell and Prince Crustaf Adolf of Sweden. 26 nations and 3,000 scouts. Portraits of various scouts. Col. Granville Walton leads British group from Immingham, Humberside on H.M.T.S. Nevasa, asleep on deck. Emergency stations, everyone in life jackets. Inspection. Exercise of cranes deck. Ships bell, sentry duty, to bed in hammocks, quite funny, lots of boys fall out. Kiel Canal, title says "cameras forbidden of the canal" but brief shots of either end. Dropping the pilot. Entering the Baltic Sea, rough seas. Island of Ingaro, 25 miles from Stockholm. Disembarking. Erecting camp.

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