Film: 6411

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Life on board German U-Boat or submarine U-35 during World War One.

Lieutenant Periere inspects Lloyds lists to see what he has sunk. British prisoners of war exercise on deck. Capturing turtles. Submarine goes back to base. Sinking the SS Corfu (good).
The U.35 submarine and its role in the first world, with a focus on the renowned German Lieut. -Commander Arnauld-de-La-Periere.
Plate: Lieut. Periere examining Lloyd’s shipping register.
A group of officer sailors gather round and examine a large book, the book is on the knees of one man who flicks through it and examines individual pages.
Plate: Crossing off ships that have been sunk, and fixing the date alongside the name of the ship.
On a ledger a pen crosses off the name Brisbane River and its relevant information, then pen writes left of shot, under where the name Brisbane River was.
Plate: The English captains that were taken prisoners having their morning walk on the deck. This picture was specially arranged for…
Plate: …the cinematograph camera, it was known to the British government that no English prisoner on…
Plate: …board German sub-marines were allowed above decks during their cruise.
A group of five men upon a deck, two are stood together while the others pace across the deck.
Plate: The submarine’s crew washing and bathing in the Mediterranean.
A large group of men in bathing shorts upon a deck, in the foreground is a shower system that several men are under and in the background are men jumping into the water and moving about on deck, the camera pans across to the sea where you can see several men swimming in it.
Plate: The schooner, Miss Morris, with a cargo of turtles. The crew abandon her as the destruction party arrives on board.
A ship on a shimming sea. A submarine comes along side the ship. Crewmembers getting out of a small rowing boat onto the ship. Crewmembers examine several large turtles.
Plate: Lieut. Periere sends a wireless message to the German-Austrian base.
A sailor, who comes up from below deck, passes a captain, who is sat down on deck, a notebook that he then precedes to write in after talking to some other officers above deck.
Plate: The U.35 returning from her expedition, meets the Austro-Hungarian cruiser Heligoland.
A small group of sailors silhouetted against a low sun, sail across a clam sea. A small group of officers stand on submarine sail, the camera pans past them towards a ship that is passing, the camera follows the passing ship.
Plate: An Austrian officer arrives on board to pilot the U.35 into harbour.
A small boat pulls up a long side the ship; an officer alights from the small boat and is greeted officially by several other officers on the ship. A pan of large and fast moving war ship.
Plate: Decked with flags on her arrival. The Austro-Hungarians cheers the U.35 on her return to the great naval base at Trieste.
Sailors onboard a ship, lift off their caps and raise them in celebration, the camera pans up the mast of small fluttering flags. Sailors raising their caps and placing them back on their heads as they come into a harbour. Sailors and officers on the deck of a submarine standing to attention as it sails past a large ship. Sailors standing to attention on a wharf, there are boats and houses in the background. Sailors preparing to dock and a small crowd of men watching the process.
Plate: Lieut. -Commander Periere going on shore to report to the senior naval officer of the German submarine flotilla.
04.16 A naval officer walking away from the ship. A group of sailors on deck smoking and playing cards.
Plate: The day of reckoning. “Der Tag” – but OURS!!”
Three naval officers upon deck with maps and seafaring instruments.
Plate: The S.S. Corfu, with a cargo of 5,900 tons of iron and steel, bound for Genoa is sunk on sight.
A sailor manning a large gun on a wet deck. A large ship gets fired at. The ship sinks slowly into the sea as black clouds belch from its funnel.
Plate: Cold Feet!
A sailor takes off his boat and a wave splashes over him, as he puts it back on another splashes him.
Plate: Stormy weather in the Mediterranean.
Very rough seas shown from the top of the submarines sail.
Plate: The day of reckoning. “Der Tag” – but OURS!!”
Several war ships moving fast across the sea. Another submarine, which is pulled along side. Crewmembers saluting, as they pass each other. A very large group of submarines.
Plate: Lieut. -Commander Arnauld-de-La-Periere was promoted, and given command of the U.139 – the largest and…
Plate: …most powerful German submarine ever built: which surrendered at Harwich on November 21st 1918.
A large pan of a submarine.
Plate: The End

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