Film: 6415

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Urine Analysis For Diabetes 1950's

Public Health education film. Animation of a man sitting on the arm of a scale which is balanced with a block of carbohydrates, the axis of the scale is a test tube containing urine, if diabetic people eat too much sugar their urine will show a sugar reaction. Another animation: on one arm of the scale is a syringe resting on a bottle of insulin, on the other arm of the scale a block of carbohydrates, too much insulin or too little insulin can bring about the symptoms of weakness, shakiness, palpitations and hunger, tingling, confusion and sweating. Diagram of a test tube containing a dark liquid. Slide describing "when you should test your urine". A man walks into a house. Urine testing materials and a bottle full of urine. Diagrammatic information stating that diabetics should always test their urine when they have an infection, or stomach upsets, or changes in daily habits. A man writes down his urine test result. Another diagram explains "how to test your urine", there are two methods available (1950's): the Benedict's test and the Clinitest, both methods are described. A man goes to the doctors surgery. Another view of the Clinitest materials. A man writes down his urine test results. Diagram of a man balancing Insulin and carbohydrates.

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