Film: 6423

Adverts | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Advertising commercials 1970's

Advert for 'Butlins', the pool, tennis, evening show. Travel Agents talk about Butlins. (1950's)
'Ultra-brite' toothpaste. People in the sea.
'Cockburns' New Year's Eve. Scottish baronial hall.
'Whitbread' animation in which man makes and entrance through a door. He is immediately mobbed by several women or girls and emerges half dressed. Why is this? - it's because 'It's Tankard that helps me excel, after one I'd do anything well'. He is mobbed again and left in his spotty red underpants. End of cartoon. Film image of what looks like painted end of a beer barrel, painted in stule of pub sign, which shows the image of Whitbread Tankard ansd the catchline, before pulling back.
'Stuyvesant', cigarettes.

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