Film: 6429

Sport | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie, Film of people on or in water 1950's

Shots of canoes on the banks of a river. Man with megaphone. Canoe race on English river. Man getting out of their canoes and running off with them. Men in kayaks. Canoeing through marshland, reeds. Man in suit awarding prizes to swimmers of racers as crowd looks on. Small pleasure craft (veujon) entering lock on canal. Shots from front of boat on a river (out of focus). Speed boat, water skiing on river. Water skiing on one ski. Two women (in swim suits) water skiing. Woman on man's shoulders while water skiing. Lots of water skiing shots. Shots of bulldog and car. People sitting outside pub (very drunk). People playing in river. Large motor boat on river. Man in jeans, T-shirt and lumber jack shirt at tiller of boat. Man and woman playing deck draughts. People sitting around table drinking tea, coffee outside café (they look as if they are on holiday). Car of the 1940s boarding a small ferry. Small sail boat on river. Early Hovercraft. Military amphibious craft driving up beach out of sea. Crowds of people on beach watching helicopters. Soldiers parachuting into sea. Soldiers running out of landing craft and up beach (seen from a distance). Armoured vehicles (tanks) emerging from large landing craft and driving up beach. Tank driving along under water and then driving out of sea and onto the beach. Tourist motor launch leaving quay. Swans. (Some shots are slightly out of focus).

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