Film: 6431

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Imperial China 1920's

Punch and Judy show. ' Punch and Judy survive in China where they were born.' A tall puppet stage, tall enough for men to stand up in it in a garden in winter ( there are no leaves on the trees) . 'Patron's of the drama.' Very wrinkled man looks towards us, his friends laugh behind him. A man in rags sits on the ground looking away from us. Punch and Judy act in the puppet theatre. 'sharing the indifference of a sceptical age, the Five Pagoda temple Harbours its neglected Buddha.' The square , finely carved Five Pagoda Temple surrounded by bare grass fields and a few trees, the five terraced roofs of the temple protruding from the top. ' The Manchu Emperors of China lived in Peking, and lived a tidy city- hence the prevalence of sprinklers. A wide road in Peking, a few carriages roll down it, two men one with a wheel barrow and one with a large ladle stand to the side, the man with the ladle throws water on the dusty road. Rickshaws and carriage on a road in Peking. An ornate carriage in front of a wall, it is carried by men rather than pulled by horses. 'Water is not piped into the homes- it is cheaper to hire water carriers.' Water carriers, one pulls water from the well, another pours water into a larger bucket. 'A high wall 30 miles in length surrounds Peking. This street leads to the principle gate, the Chien Men Gate. The busy road leading to the Chien Men Gate. ' Mukden, where many former emperors are entombed, for centuries the capital of Manchuria.' Mukden, a temple that look remarkably like the city gate behind a high wall. ' Tientsin, where the flags of the Great Powers, China's political refugee's, find safety'. A street in Tientsin, a few vehicles drive the streets. ' the Tientsin Club, one of many similar organizations in China, where foreign residents foregather.' Exterior of the Tientsin Club, rickshaws and cars pass in front of it. The world demands of Tientsin more rugs than it can make.' Three people work at a rug loom. 'This gate way at nankow Pass is one of the few in the Great Wall of China. The wall is 1200 miles long and was begun in 200 BC. The arched gateway at Nankow Pass on the great wall with camels coming through it led by man. 'Hong Kong and its famous harbour from the Peak'. Hong Kong harbour, almost an aerial view from an air tram. 'Hong Kong abounds in flower markets.' One of the flower markets in Hong Kong. 'Canton , on the Pearl river about 90 miles inland.' Canton riverside, tall buildings and a busy shore. A bridge over a quiet pool of water, the bridge is highly arched and has lampposts. 'Shanghai, the Paris of China. The busy streets of Shanghai, the buildings look rather Victorian. ' Millions of Chinese are born, live and Die on junks. With children, chickens and sometimes pigs, life is not without interest.' junks with their curved roofs, pull up at a mooring spot on the Pearl river. 'Hankow on the Yangtse River, has a tremendous trade. The bund in the foreign concession is an architectural delight. A quiet street in Hankow. ' Millions of tons of cargo are transferred annually. A busy harbour, men carry bales of wool on their backs. 'The Chinese plant their crops in the rich soil as the river recedes. It will be eight months before it rises again.' the steep cliffs abut the river, farmers work on the shoreline. On the step stairs in a Traditional town in the country, men carry goods an firewood up and down the stairs, children watch fascinated by the camera. 'Chinese farmer carries his product to market. Men carry sack hung from a yoke around their necks. ' Foreign influence has not yet reached this far inland.'

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