Film: 6437

Shipping | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Deal in Kent and a Pier Destroyed By Ship 1930's

Wartime amateur home movie. Rowing regatta in summer of 1939. Oarsmen in boats off coast of Kent. Newspaper billboards from first day of world war two in early September 1939 - they read 'Britain at War'; 'We Shall Prevail - the King'; 'The War News'; 'Hitler Off to'; 'Stand Firm and United - The King'. Men enthusiastically filling sandbags and stacking them. A sandbagged coastal observation point. Naval ships just out to sea. Men appear to roll enormous iron ball a sea mine up beach.
Dramatic shots of Deal Pier as it is destroyed by a ship during a storm. The waves constantly knock a loose boat against the side of the pier until a path is battered though the structure of the pier.

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