Film: 6440

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Various shots of the areas around Rangoon in Burma, Asia 1930's

Scenes at the Shwe Dagon Pagoda on Water Festival morning. People waiting. Shot of top of Pagoda above the trees. Buddhist monk with parked cars in background. Indian children posing for camera. Kokine Lakes in Burma. Four European adults standing and posing for the camera. Woman is offered cigarette which she accepts. They look wealthy and happy. Woman swimming. Men and women walk towards camera dressed in swimwear of the 1930s. En route to Hwawbi Bazaar. A busy market / bazaar. Children putting baskets on their heads. Man smoking, looking at camera while carrying things on a stick over his shoulder. Lots of children standing in a line. Indian woman smoking an enormous cigarette while sitting on the floor. Europeans eating sandwiches while standing next to car. Burmese man with bow. Males of a Burmese family standing in height order. Girls preparing food around a bowl. Band playing drums while a man dances in a traditional way before them. Young women, medium close-up of man's face (damaged). Musicians performing again and the man is still dancing. Mrs Stockland edges into shot. Washing drying on a line. Shiny British car in Burmese village. English man and woman talk. Kemmendine: elephant attempting to pull an enormous teak log to which it is attached by chains. The man riding it kicks and hits it in order to get it to do the things required of it. Man in pith helmets and white suits walk towards the camera. Woman in white dress. Enormous amount of baggage on carts being taken away from hotel. SS Leicestershire moored in harbour. Sampan being rowed by native male as European man sits under umbrella. Europeans on the SS Leicestershire (shot from on board the ship.) Shots of Colombo, Ceylon harbour: large ships with masts. Street scenes of Colombo: cars, bicycles, a ladder being pushed along road, a large wagon crossing road, a tram with people boarding. A policeman directing traffic.

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