Film: 6441

Personalities | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Life of Winston Churchill world war two up to VE day. Including Pearl Harbor, The Blitz , Dunkirk , Battle of Britain , Siege of Sidney Street.

Opening shot of a house-lined road with men digging in the middle of it. Two men standing behind newspaper billboards " Hitler invades Poland ". Two police officers or air raid wardens walk down high street with sandbags lining a shop front. Men digging in road again. Sandbags being piled high up against buildings. Chamberlain addressing a crowd holding up a piece of paper (Hitler's agreement to peace, " peace in our time ").
Buckingham Palace. Blenheim Palace. Photograph of young Winston Churchill. Another photograph of Winston as young man in military dress. Another photograph, this time in a suit. Churchill standing on street corner with police officers carrying rifles(1910). Army soldiers jogging down road followed by soldiers on horseback. Crowd lined by police outside a shop. Soldiers in trenches. Churchill and other dignitaries get out of a car. Churchill in top hat and cane walking down road with female and group of people.
Crowds outside Houses of Parliament, walking across street. Churchill again. People in park along Parliament. People watching a warship sail past. Close-up on Churchill watching, raising hat (as do other men) and cheering. Churchill walking on board ship and saluting officers. Inside shot of hall (Guildhall banquet). Churchill giving speech " warm the cockles of the British heart ". People going into air raid shelter. Churchill coming out of 10 Downing Street. Girl with charity box walks up to him and female companion.
Ships and submarines. Shot from on board a ship looking out to soldiers wading in to land ( probably Dunkirk ). Churchill walking past beach buildings, stands behind 2 soldiers keeping lookout. (One looks through telescope). Churchill looks through telescope. Official looking people stand outside a house. One hands rifles to soldiers. (LBB- forerunners of home guards). Soldiers and officials aiming guns. Civilian men holding rifles march in formation. Planes- pilot putting a parachute on and getting into plane. Plane takes off. Shot of dozens of planes in sky. Bombed out building. Various shots of buildings on fire, fire fighters trying to tackle on fires ( Churchill speaking in background ). Soldier in tank driving past camera toward burning houses. Long road full of tanks etc. Shot from a field looking at smoke. Churchill walking outside on deck of ship. Meeting President Roosevelt. Sailors and officers on parade on deck. There are priests and a band. Churchill and Roosevelt sit and talk. A warship billowing out smoke ( Pearl Harbor ). Ship sinking. Cars with Police escort ( Washington ). Churchill gives speech to American Congress in January 1942. Churchill cracks a joke about how things may have been different if his father had been American instead of his mother and the Congress applaud. He then goes on to say the Japanese will be taught a lesson they will never forget. Shot of interior of Canada's parliament. Good shots of family sit around listening to Churchill's speech on the radio. Family laugh at Churchill's chicken joke when he replies to the French prime minister that England's neck will be wrung like a chicken - 'Some chicken … some neck' . Back to Churchill giving speech. Churchill meets Stalin in Moscow.
Guns on ground covered by tents fire shots. Tanks coming across open terrain. Soldiers running. Churchill at Tripoli in 1943. Parade of soldiers march past main building. Lovely palm trees. Eighth army soldiers wearing kilts and playing bagpipes march. Churchill salutes as they march past. Shot of a large crowd cheering. Churchill on balcony, smoking cigar and waving hat. Churchill wearing white suit and sitting next to young woman and men in mostly military dress for photo (Casablanca?) President Roosevelt and General Chang Kai Shek. Shot of street with building in background (Terrau?) Panning shot of Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin.
English looking people stand on street corner reading the newspapers. Notice with "Mrs. Churchill flies to Premier's side". Another man selling newspapers. Another notice "Churchill fit again". Churchill with military looking men. Guns firing. Various shots of different military leaders. Fleet of warships. Soldiers wading through water. Tank and soldiers go through bombed-out town. Tank going through water. Churchill rides on tank. Goes past soldiers lining the bank side. Soldiers follow cigar-smoking Churchill.
Massive crowds in central London on VE day. Churchill waves from balcony. Crowds run to wave at Churchill as he drives past in car. Churchill waves as car drives through crowds.
Churchill on platform with election posters in background. Churchill sits next to Attlee who won next election. Parade of soldiers march holding flags on Victory Day. People stand and watch. Churchill on another platform. Man talks into speaker. Churchill amongst crowds again. Crowds walking up to Buckingham Place. Churchill stands with King George VI, the Queen Mother and the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret. Crowds wave, Royal family and Churchill wave back.

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