Film: 6444

Sport | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Motor racing rally Algiers Algeria to Cape Town in South Africa . Rootes Group
Incomplete footage of French team in Delahaye truck crossing Sahara Desert from Algiers on way to Cape Town 1950's

Port of Algiers at twilight. Delahaye pickup truck in garage at night. Mechanic working on engine, removing component. Spare parts arranged on floor. Mechanic reassembling air filter on truck. Wheel nut being tightened with brace(?). Air pressure gauge. Close-up of tyre being checked. Mechanic completing check sheet. Spares being packed into metal box. Ditching ladder being placed on side of truck. Spade and rope being passed up to roof rack. Leather strap securing spade being tightened. Shell Oil can being put in truck. Bonnet being dropped. Close-up of spotlight mounted on bumper switching on. Front of truck mechanic checking operation of headlights.
Algiers harbour at dawn. Flask of black coffee being poured into cups. Elderly man in beret drinking coffee. Young man lighting cigarette. Woman in red jacket looking at road map and smiling. Road map 'l'Afrique du Nord' being placed on driver's seat. Man smiling and pointing to wrist watch. Beckoning truck forward out of garage, it is still dark. Truck disappearing into gloom. Vehicles including subject truck passing through streets of Algiers in twilight. Photographers take photograph, large flashlight. Conversation with crew standing by truck, offer cigarettes. Man lighting cigarette in front of truck. Organiser in trench coat looking at map in front of truck. Close-up of female team member smoking cigarette. Hands being shaken. Close-up of windscreen in pouring rain, wipers working. Spectators wave goodby from harbour front.
In- car view of wet streets of Algiers at twilight, cobble streets, passing cars. Map of African continent with route marked upon it. In cab of truck driver turning steering wheel. Close-up of driver's face.
Passing open desert scrubland. From cab to road ahead, curving road round rounded hills, sandy desert. Close-up of driver. Truck approaching camera around twisty road on stone-walled embankment. Truck passing herdsmen on road. Truck passing camera towards distant town. Houses up hillside, tall column monument on top of hill, town walls in foreground. Street scene, Arabs walking past stalls in open area in front of white- washed dwellings. Monument in background. Well, mule being used to hoist water, Arabs sit at well side, town in background. Mule being lead by Arab. Pulley on top of well hoist. Goat skin sack depositing water into trough. Arabs pour water from goat skin sack. Arabs watch seated on wall of well trough. Money exchanging hands, Arab+ team member, young boys watch. Goat skin sack being strapped to truck.
Dawn from inside cab, crossing Sahara. Desert from cab window . Lorry approaches down dirt road. In cab, driver works steering wheel. View from cab of deep rutted road through desert, dunes ahead, soft sand. In cab, driver steering and eating. View from cab - open flat desert, plateaux ahead. Road sign 'Massi Fanl' truck stop, truck passes into it & stops by lorries. In cab, reflection of driver's face in rear view door mirow. Truck pulling away from stop, parked lorries & white windowless building with decorative work to front.
Road sign 'Genie Saharien Passage Sablommeaux'. Camel skeleton. Truck coming across soft sand approaching camera. In cab driver working steering wheel. Pan across soft sand dunes. Close-up of rally plaque mounted above cab. Picnic lunch on improvised table of aluminium jerry cans, wine poured into metal cups. Man drinking wine poured straight from bottle. Man eating tomato. Bread cut with knife. Soft sand dune. Metal marker cone on road. Truck passing camera down track in rolling sand dunes. Close-up of driver. Hands on steering wheel. Looking forward from cab across open desert below, couple of plateaux in distance. Decorative building, moorish style, surrounded by palms, an oasis. Tomb of French catholic priest Vicont Foucauld. Truck approaches banner down tree- lined road, into shade, uniformed official approaches cab. Crew climb from cab. Truck, bonnet up, parked in front of of white decorative building , palms. View up portable radio mast. Delahaye saloon approaching camera. Truck driving away past walled palms. High mountain range. Truck dashboard, driver at work. Camel passing parked truck. Film ends.

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