Film: 645

Aviation | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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With the British naval air arm (NB SYNOPSIS DOES NOT MATCH FILM)

"Cleaning one of the 3 Eight ton Anchors"
"A giant tender tops event impact when other vessels come alongside".
"Marines band during Sunday morning parade on the flying deck. Marine band marching and playing. The senior and junior forces commander McCarthy and Wing Commander Iron O.B.E. pace the flying deck.
"Inspection by the Admiral" Men and planes come up and down on lifts. Parade.
"Furious" was originally a cruiser and has been converted into a very mobile aerodrome"
Series of take-offs; manhandling the planes on deck; folding wings. "Planes are brought from the hangar beneath, on to the flying deck on a high powered hydraulic lift".
Series of take-ffs
"Taking off for a flight over the North Sea"
Series of views of carrier from the air.
"The Furious and its attendant destroyer seen from the air".
"The faithful destroyer keeps in dogged attendance".
The efficiency of the Navy is clearly illustrated by the return of the flight leader to its deck landing ground."

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