Film: 6451

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Reconstruction of medieval strip farming with shire horses 1930's

1630s agricultural map with strips and field boundarys and two contemporary dressed workers +horse and farrow irons [not to scale].Man and shire horse marking boundary strips with double ploughing.Rear view of man walking in plough furrow.Two horses pulling plough with plough and man behind.Side view of of horses passing right to left.Shot of boundary stake marking one mans holding from the next.Three double teams of horses and three ploughmen ploughing the fallow fields from left to right.They turn and go back down the field.A few weeks later the seed is broadcast[in the old way] followed by double shire horses dragging chain harrows as a team passes in the opposite direction.Man broadcasts following a team.Back to old map and the narrator informs us that they were using the same methods in 1630 and long before that.Shot ofworker double hand broadcasting with team of harrowers behind.Worker broadcasting followed by dog and team.Shot of rows of ploughing teams. Shot of ploughing team with narration describing preservation of old methods and skills disappearing but still found in some areas.Plough and close up.Close up of waving wheat.Map of fields showing south field and west field and describes the changes to smaller fields than in the 1630s and crop rotation i.e each field fallow every three years.The map shows narrow strips describing individual land holdings,where the good and bad land is shared and in which a typical holding may have ten scattered strips but now less than 30 farmers cultivate this way.

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