Film: 6455

Railways | 1960 | Mute | B/W


Milan to Rome express train in Italy 1960's

Preparations. Scenes from train. Passenger facilities. Really good from the driver's window long travelling shots of the countryside.

Amazing bullet nosed locomotive at the platform. Side of the train in black writing "il settobello" "Electrotreno di Lusso Milano-Roma" picture of playing cards logo on the side of the train. Guard, in smart uniform, comes out of a door and opens a hatch on the side of the carriage, he takes out a large oil can. Guard walking away from camera carrying the oil can. He descends the pit under the train. He hangs his jacket on the rail. Two mechanics clean the locomotive. A mechanic tightens a nut with a large spanner. A shot of the springs under the loco. A man attaches a pipe to the underside of the carriage. Cleaners in the compartment of the carriage, they tidy the carriage. The electric connection rises to meet the power line, bouncing slightly. The side of the carriage with il settobello, a guard gestures the way only a Italian man can. Two shots of the front of the train, with a wider shot of the platform and station roof. Passengers on the platform with a guard. The train moves off. The end of the train also bullet shaped leaving the platform. The observation lounge, people talk. POV driver eye shot of passing country and railway lines and telegraph posts, nice long shot. Chefs, wearing chefs hats at work in the kitchen. More POV shots, also really long shots, passing trees, houses, small towns, countryside. The back of the train driver. POV shots, passing houses and track maintenance crews, nice Italian countryside but could be anywhere European. In the dining car, white shirted gentlemen drink wine. Women at the bar eat drink and chat. Side view of driver, widescreen wipers of the train are running. POV passing train. Inside a carriage and couple chat. In a packed dining car, the white jacketed waiter moves down the line carrying plates. POV along the tracks towards a larger town. Waiter ladles out spaghetti or pasta. Train passengers eat their pasta for lunch, man with his napkin tucked into his collar. Woman in white hat reads her magazine. POV shot of train towards us. Man in driver cab smoking.

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