Film: 6456

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Entracte 1920's

Man aiming a shotgun at the camera. Actually aiming at a coconut or a large egg (?). He hits it a bird flies out of it onto his shoulder. He talks to the bird while another man shoots it. The original man falls off from a high wall. A crowd of people running or bounding in slow motion. Slow-motion clips of people cycling and cars moving. A camel leading a wagon and a procession of people. One man with no legs in on a wheeled tray. The wagon speeds up so the procession chase it in fast-motion. Lots of clips of the carriage going fast. Lots of cars going fast. Lots of cyclists. Lots of crazy cuts from a roller coaster to buildings and people running. The clips are flipped upside down and the wagon is included in the cuts. People run up to a coffin in a field. A magician gets out, makes everyone and the coffin disappear. He fades away into nothing.

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