Film: 6469

Railways | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Railway Building in the Soviet Union 1920's

Mechanical digger throwing soil. Men unloading sacks. People moving camp, loading belongings onto camels. Nomadic tribe ( Mongolian type) woman and baby on camel. Camel train and horses. Drilling. Mechanical digger moving rocks. Steam train. Railway down centre of picture with nomad horse/camel train either side. Close up of train - wheels, front bumpers. Men riding cows. Close up of mongols. Horses/camels shying as train lets off steam. Close up of wheels and axle rod going round. Close up of track seen from moving train. Engine travelling down the track. Nomads galloping behind on cattle, donkeys, horses and camels. Feeling of speed - wheels, track, galloping animals. Man jumps off camel and chases train on foot. View from behind chimney belching smoke. Winding track, bleak landscape. Train comes to edge of cliff belching black smoke and stops. Wheels slowing down. Close up of water. Men building bridge made of wood over river. Rail track and camels in background. Camel rubs nose on rail track.

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