Film: 6482

Entertainment + Leisure | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Cine art nude films 1920's

A naked brunette with twenties style waved bob hairstyle walks around a small area. She picks up flowers and then a vase; walking around with them and placing them down. She stretches out and lies down on the floor, arms out.

Natures Companions:
Two naked girls skip and run towards the camera from the edge of the sea. They run again holding see-through pieces of material above their heads. They satnd still next to each other facing the camera but with their heads turned away. They slowly turn their heads until they are facing each other. They smile; one has chin length wavy hair,the other shoulder length.
Inter-title: Glorious creatures gay and free-
The two girls stand on the beach with sea behind. They both face screen left , towards the sea. They hold the material against their bodies with one breast exposed. A classical-type pose. They shake their hair in the wind.
Inter-title: They bask in the sun beside the sea-
The girls lie on the sand. Their legs are closer to the camera and they face inwards to each other, resting on their sides. They sit upright; the girl with shorter hair plays with seaweed. They share a joke. Differentt angles of the girls seated and lying on the sand.
Inter-title:Or gaily trip upon the sand-
They dance towards the camera, doing turns and dips, with the material held above them, blowing in the wind.
Inter-title: Pirouetting, hand in hand-
The girls dance hand in hand away from the camera with scarf material wrapped around them.

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