Film: 6484

Entertainment + Leisure | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Early sex film 1910's

A man is his wedding clothes and the woman dressed as a bride with a veil. They kiss passionately behind a see though veil or curtain. The man opens the curtain and they sit together on the edge of a bed. They kiss some more. She is coy. She lies on the bed with her back to us and just lies there as he leaves the scene and returns with a bottle of champagne and glasses. There are few shots of her face at all. They drink then put down the glasses. He lies her on the bed and lifts her skirt. Close up of her body from the waist down as he strokes and kisses her stockings and legs. He then removes her very substantial knickers or pants. More stroking and views of her pubic hair. She writhes about a bit. He strokes and kisses her breasts while her arm covers her face. They kiss.

(NB roll in the film is printed in - cannot be corrected)

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