Film: 6487

Places + Locations | 1930 | Mute | B/W


Amateur home movie of Fittleworth and Wye valley, South Wales 1930's

Posh rich, well dressed people in a large garden. A old gentleman with a great handlebar moustache. Exteriors and gardens of large country houses (some is Kodacolor). Another lady and a gentleman who is smoking a pipe, possibly husband and wife are with a Vicar.Clergyman in a garden with a small dog . A man and a younger man, possibly father and son, are seen outside of the white painted house holding a different dog. The men are playing with dog on a large lawn. They chase the dog into the house. A car is parked outside the house. Panorama of a nice English village
Young man winding up/playing a gramophone in the garden and a young lady is standing by him. A young woman holding a dog. Man smoking. A family with younger children under shade of trees in garden, with deckchairs.
Young boys cooking on a camp stove ijn a barn. Young boy carrying a plank of wood from the barn. People in open topped cars on a River ferry. A motorbike is pushed on view from ferry of quay - view of landing stage from the ferry after it leaves. This is probably the Aust Ferry across the River Severn.
A large ornate garden. A large country house viewed from the garden. Tennis courts in the grounds. People sitting under a parasol by a foundtain in the garden. Several shots of Chepstow Castle in Wales when it had overgrown walls. Ruins of Tintern Abbey.
A lady sitting on a bench by water. A large house and garden. View of river. Lovely stone houses in Bibury in Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds. An Elizabethan Manor called Bibury Court Hotel nowadays with castellated grand main entrance. Seen again from beneath trees by running water.
(08:12) break in film)
Man and woman, same couple as at start of film pose by an open topped car, he has a large nose. The man is lighting his pipe. Couple arranging things in the car.

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