Film: 6488

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of British Legion Sports Day 1930's
Excellent film of village fayre, fair or fete. Lots of rides and games, some of them quite elaborate.

Three sheets are strung up as screens, a boy in a top hat walks behind them, only the hat is visible though, it seems to float over the top of the sheets, two boys stand in front of the sheets, some distance away and throw things at the hat, most of what they are throwing hits the sheet though. A table, children are lined up on one side, each has a string and on the string is a wooden duck, that moves along the string as the child waves the string up and down, The adults watching often write the ducks as they fall over, the children wave the string frantically trying to win the race. A boy tries to kick a ball through a target, he misses twice, but the man running the game gives him the ball for another try. A man laughs as he falls on a mat on one side of a cradle-like trough. The man steadies himself in the trough with a oar, while the man running the game gives him a hand, then lets go, the man immediately tumbles out on the other side, onto another mattress. Another man tries the same game. A man in a sports jacket and a straw boater throws darts. Another older man tries his hand at mini golf. A miniature roller coaster, a baby with a cap on rides up and down and up and down and then it reverses when it comes to the end. The man in the straw boater tries to throw balls to hit a target. Another man tries to throw and then a woman gives it her best effort. Tiddlywinks? Or a card game. A man pushes a large pram. Clothes hanging on a clothes line, a man tries to land a ring on one of the clothes pegs. A man holds up a pair of long johns. A race to push a bicycle, holding its back wheel off the ground. Then they have to blow up a balloon. Number 12 takes a long time. The leaders smash through a paper screen, the vicar is obviously one of the time keepers or judges. The egg and spoon race for the women. The tug of war, great shots. The balancing, chicken fight on a log construction hitting the opponent with pillows. Smearing the log with grease or lard. Far shot of the obstacle course. The men slither across the greased pole above a water bath. Drinking pop out of a bottle, one of the contestants pats his stomach. Pushing a man in a wheel barrow under a bucket of water, which he tries to not tip over while pushing a long stick through a hole in the board below. A group of men try to climb a rope ladder on a slant with only one contact point with the ground. Race with a horse where the contestants have to dress up. The winners team. The judges tent? Children riding a pony, several all at once. The fair ground.

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