Film: 6493

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Visual correspondence column magazine film answering readers' letters for Monomark. Series of shots in office and outside scenes illustrating queries in readers' letters. Some sexist/patronising attitudes.

Text on screen: "Your newspapers have a correspondence column to which you may write for information the reply is printed. The purpose of these films is to provide similar facilities: but the reply is visual."

Woman knocks on door with In Reply to Yours sign and enters a large office where a middle-aged man with grey hair is sitting at a desk, he is wearing a tweed jacket, fireplace in room, she says "Good morning Professor" and shows him a letter from a reader, which he reads out. The writer is asking advice about the rights of a member of the public to arrest a criminal -the professor answers the question with an example. The professor narrates the following scenes.

A man wearing a hat, George, crosses the road and sees a sash window at the back of a house open and a suitcase come out of the window, followed by another man, also wearing a hat. He approaches the man in the garden, the man with the suitcase takes an identity card from his inside jacket pocket and shows it and George runs off embarassed, the second man mutters to himself.

George sees two men fighting on the street in front of railings, the street has houses with steps and railings, the two men are punching each other in the stomach and face. A blonde woman stands on top of the steps outside her front door watching the fight. A man wearing a flat cap sticks his head out of a window to watch. Another man wearing overalls and a cap watches. George approaches the fighting men and remonstrates with them, one of them threatens him and he runs off.

The professor and his secretary sit in the office, she hands him another letter, there is a telephone and photograph frames on the desk, the reader asks where the boundaries of the City of London are. We see the back of a double decker bus, on the Strand outside courts and Temple, with an advertisement for Gillette on the back. Taxis, cars and buses pass on both sides of the road. Temple Bar monument. People walking past. Horse drawn cart. The Old Bailey on the site of Newgate Prison. Blitz damage - Cripplegate, St Giles Church. Shot of St Pauls Cathedral across the wasteland, bomb damage. Sign "Old London Wall" and views of the wall. Headstone in cemetery where plague victims are buried. Woman walks dog across bomb site.

Bishopsgate, shots of traffic and people walking. Woman carrying shopping. Advertisement on wall for Reids Stout and Capstan cigarettes. Norton Folgate E.1, Bishopsgate street signs. Parked car. Aldgate High Street sign. Man carries newspapers on shoulder, 1940s cars. View of the high street looking West down Aldgate from what is now Middlesex Street and the beginning of White Chapel High Street, the famous Hoop and Grapes pub can be seen on the extreme left. Holborn. City boundary obelisks, looking east down Holborn from Chancery Lane tube station underground steps on the north side of the road. Detail of obelisk with one of the timber framed gables of Staple Inn

Professor and secretary look at another letter in the office. Children and adults in London Zoo, woman wearing bow in hair. White goat eating. Children's Corner at zoo, children riding donkeys. Boy in short trousers strokes goat. Other children playing with goats. Two Common European white goats. Professor says that the goats are used by the Welsh Regiment.

Professor at desk, smiling, secretary (Penelope) reads out a letter. Close up of wheels on a car driving on London street. Wheels of a horsedrawn cart advertising Holdsworth and Hanson. Man with rolled up sleeve opens a movie camera, film in camera. Car, bus and carriage on street.

Professor looks at envelope with Keep Death off the Roads stamped on it. Making of briar pipes. Briar wood on lathe, man at workbench in workshop making pipes, using circular saw and lathe, tools covering workbench. Box of pipe bowls carved into human heads. Man wearing glasses smoking pipe, reading a book.

Professor and Penelope in office, he reads a letter about soap, Penelope goes to bookcase and takes out a book. Pile of soap bars. Fire burning. Hands scoop ashes from fire. Topless man rubs hands in ashes and washes over a bowl. Man washes face and dries with a towel. Stone monument.

Professor and Penelope in office, he talks disapprovingly about makeup. Office door opens, man enters smiling and offers coffee, professor reads letter from reader asking about cosmopolitan London. People walking down street, wearing coats. Leon Jaeggi shop sign. Signs of shops and restaurants. Escarpa, Gennaros Rendezvous, Cyprus House, Maison Suisse, Istanbul Restaurant (Turkish), Shanghai Emporium. Doorman. Chinese man eating noodles with chopsticks from bowl in restaurant. Soho, soldiers of different nationalities walking down street.

Men wearing shorts in Burma playing Burmese football (chin long?). They stand in a circle and keep the ball off the ground for as long as possible, kicking it to each other. One man rolls the ball along his arm. Spectators watch.

The Professor talks to camera, smiling and shows envelope with address. "The End"

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