Film: 6495

Road Transport | 1970 | Sound | Colour


How to drive a lorry.
Very funny, very sexist !

The front of a lorry or articulated truck hurtling along a motorway. A slip road joins the motorway. "Driving an HGV is a man-sized job" ggrrrrrr ! Truck driver in his cab driving. Going around a roundabout, he suddenly appears in a gown and mortar board cos' truck drivers have to think as well ! ( never ! ) Truck driver, back in sweatshirt, must concentrate for long periods. Close up of a man's head. He has a moustache and sideburns. Travelling along a road point of view the road ahead. Overtaking other trucks while the driver talks through the procedure. Front of truck shots again. Driver shows signs of tedium and tiredness. Overcome fatigue on a suburban road in slow-moving traffic. He watches blonde woman in short skirt "Hard for any man to resist" but this loses the driver's concentration. Truck driver thinks of his night out the evening before. He dances in a disco in a truly appalling patterned shirt. People dancing in sort of psychedelic disco. Flashing red and green lights in close up. Close-up of legs and bums. Lots of groovy shots. He comes around from his daydream and nearly crashes into the back of a small Hillman Imp green car turning right. Truck driver cleaning lights of his truck. Adjusting his seat and steering wheel. Checking visibility is not obscured by stickers and things on the dashboard. Check mirrors, check angles, close-up of hands changing mirrors. If you need glasses, says the commentary, - wear them! (good advice)

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