Film: 6499

Places + Locations | 1910 | Silent | B/W


New York, Milan, Berlin, Paris, London.
New York U.S.A. Main road. tall buildings ion either side. Tracking shot, possibly from back of moving car. Lots of vintage cars. Crowd of people on pavement in winter coats. Skyscrapers in background. Traffic policeman or " cop " in middle of road gesturing. Open-topped double decker bus behind him and several cars. Traffic cop with moving vehicles either side of him. Old cars on busy road.
Milan, Italy
Horse-drawn cart followed by a tram and car. Shop fronts on the left, spilling over onto the pavement. Cyclists pass camera.
Berlin, Germany
Slow pan down Brandenburg Gate. Cars and horse and carts on busy main road. Lots of pedestrians. Boy on large tricycle. Shop fronts on the right of road. Cars and cycles on tree-lined road (busy). Traffic policeman signals for a car to stop.
Paris, France
Arc de Triomphe. Cars and carts pass underneath it on the wide road.
London, U.K. Buckingham Palace (?). Horses being ridden by palace guard. Some motor traffic. Possibly Oxford Street - central London thoroughfare. Double decker buses (Numbers 1 and 9). Crowded pavements. Shop fronts and hoardings. English bobby directs traffic. City gents and flat-capped men cross the road behind him. Bit of a tailback of red buses. Young girl runs in front of car. Horses and carts pull away. End credit.

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