Film: 6512

Personalities | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Ramsey MacDonald the first Labour Prime Minister of Britain looks at camera in 1924. Pan along his 1924 cabinet. MacDonald and colleagues get in car and go to see the King. Buckingham Palace with crowds outside. Politicians shake hands.
[Cut]. MacDonald with man in top hat. MacDonald at door of Number 10 Downing Street. He leaves with two colleagues. J. R. Campbell, the editor of the Communist Daily Worker. Daily Mail spread showing the "Zinoviev Letter" calling for revolution in Britain. Election. Man speaking, MacDonald resigning. Police escort for MacDonald. Newsreel cameras watch his walk to visit the King. New Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin in a garden walks around and towards camera reading from papers. Close up of Baldwin, and at a desk reading papers and fiddling with a pipe. Large biplane taxiing to a halt. MacDonald outside the aircraft. As Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, MacDonald was able to travel a lot.
[Cut]. 1929 election. MacDonald and men in car drive away from crowds. MacDonald at the hustings addresses crowds (which includes women). MacDonald in close up. Politicians and Cabinet members, MP's descending steps in back garden of Number 10 Downing Street. Lots of Newsreel cameramen film the politicians.
[Sync sound - the first sound Newsreel]. MacDonald introduces members of the Cabinet: Mr. Wedgewood-Benn; Mr. Arthur Greenwood at the Ministry of Health; Mr. Alexander at the Admiralty; and Margaret Bunting(?) the first woman admitted to the Privy Council, making her the Right Honourable Margaret Bunting, and the first female Cabinet Minister.
MacDonald and colleagues get into open-topped landau coaches and wear top hats to go and see the King. Procession of six landaus going up the hill in Windsor to the castle. Crowds line the route.
[Cut]. Close up of unnamed colleague of MacDonald, his closest ally. The 1931 financial crisis. Crowds march with banners. Number 10 Downing Street. Politicians walk past camera. Margaret Bunting (?) on steps of Number 10.
[1931 sync sound]. From top of newsreel van we see Downing Street and crowds. Policeman on horseback. Car drops two Cabinet members off in Downing Street. Close up of door. Car departs from Number 10. MacDonald's drive to Buckingham Palace to resign the second Labour Government. Car leaving Palace with MacDonald in it. Coalition Government will follow led by MacDonald with Baldwin and the Conservatives plus the Liberals John Simon and Herbert Samuel. These politicians (?) on the back steps of Number 10.

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