Film: 6514

Places + Locations | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Morocco, Africa. Alois Havrilla stands by map of Africa and talks to camera. Talks about Ethiopia for no reason whatsoever. View of Islamic City of Marrakesh, cattle walk past city walls. Square tower of Kahubia Mosque. Open square. Various types of people in close-up. Close up man's hands splitting bamboo with knife - makes a pen. Man dictates letter to scribe who writes Arabic from right to left. Boys play marbles in dust. Harness maker works leather into a belt. Close up hands sewing. Young man tries on belt. Three boys holding very large sticks use mortar in ground to pummel something for making dyes. Two men dye silk in open vessel. Wring silk. Plague of locusts. Locusts crawling over ground. Nymph locusts - young without wings. Ditch full of water dug so locusts will drown. Burning large pile of straw. Close up woman's hand harvesting snails from stalks. Women empty buckets of snails into sack. Sack loaded on donkey. Snails sorted. Woman smokes as examines snails. Truck load of snails leaves Escargots depot destined for French cuisine. Moroccans enter restaurant and take off shoes. Musicians: violinist plays violin like cello, woman plays drum, other woman plays tambourine. Violinist wears fez. Two men sit on cushions. Boy brings plate covered in straw bonnet which he takes off. Man breaks bread and hands to friends. Dunks bread in sauce. Both men eat with fingers. Holds meat and friend pulls some off it. Man drinks wine. Close up man washes hands whilst other pours water over them. Washes religiously including mouth. Dry hands on a shared cloth. Tea making ceremony. Tea poured, then mint crammed into pot. Two large cones of sugar and more water added. Man pours the mint tea into glasses. Drink tea.

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