Film: 6521

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie.
Cruising in the 1930's and Old town Dubrovnik.

Inter - title: Deck Quoits On The Spacious Sports Deck.
A man and a woman throw rings along the deck towards the camera. They wear smart casual thirties fashion. There are other people seen further away and sun light is hitting the deck.
A cruise ship from afar on the sea.
More people play Quoits. Close-ups of rings hitting the deck.

Inter - title: A selected orchestra provides excellent music three times daily, also for dancing in the evening.
A four piece band play: two violins,percussion,pianist and a cello player. Outside shot on the deck. People can be seen listening. A double-bassist can now be seen. Close-up of drummer's hands in action with sticks; double bassist playing; violinist playing. All appear to playing an up-tempo number.

Inter - title: Afternoon tea, always welcome, and served on any part of the ship.
A waiter poses for the camera in the sunshine. He holds a full tray of tea shiny tea cups, pot etc. He waits and then turns to walk away. Life boats can be seen behind.
Several tables filled with guests are positioned on deck in the shade. Waiters serve them. A waiter exits another part of the ship and walks along the deck, Several life boats and rigging can be seen around him. Two ladies sit directly on the deck, next to the wall, with their legs covered by a blanket. A waiter delivers a tray of tea to them. Close -up of a tray on the deck surrounded by feet. Items are removed from the tray, tea is poured etc. Snacks can be seen on a plate. Ladies relax on wooden deckchairs; drinking tea in the sun.

Inter - title: Anchored of Kotor. ( Cattaro) for landing passengers for the drive round the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik. (Ragusa)
Shots of coastline with houses and mountains. Naval man of rank supervises the reeling in of the anchor at end of ship. A small boat with flags leaves the ship with people. Several tracking shots of mountainous coastline with picturesque stone buildings and large church/castle on a promontory. Small church on an island. A sailor stands on the back of the small passenger boat next to British flag, he works the engine; the cruise ship can be seen behind. The boat filled with people arrives at the shore. Many cars are lined up next to the water, with passengers waiting in the seats. There are palm like trees to the right of the frame. A small boy tries to sell flowers to a man in a suit. Old church on edge of cliff in impressive surroundings. Shots of different harbours and small coves with fishing boats and stone buildings. Cars wait on the road next to one such rural church. Smart female cruise guests walk down a bumpy stone road in the sun; tall Cypress trees line the path.

Inter - title: Dubrovnik (Ragusa). An old world city on the Dalmatian coast.
Shots of a harbour and coast line. Great shots of the old town walls. Palm like shrubs and trees lining the hills next to the beach. People swimming and relaxing on the sand next to the old town walls. Local people walking along the street next to the harbour- women with headscarves, men with flat caps . Long shots of narrow old street, with tall buildings either side and people walking. A beautiful large fountain in a square next to a church( Onofrio Fountain?). A military band with conductor play in the sun. People walking in attractive lanes, squares etc. Old churches and lush foliage are seen. Sailors walk along a road. An impressive stone entrance to a fortress-type building. Shots of a fortress and high stone walls. A man with horse and cart rides past a couple of travellers. A town square; a building with several stone arches over the entrance. Pigeons in a square. An old town street.
Back on the small boat- the sailor stands at the back. Beautiful shot of the cruise ship as the small boat comes past.( looks like footage from before added here as small boat is leaving not arriving). Shots of the town form the sea. The small boat with passengers heads away to the cruise ship in the distance, passing a large stone structure on its way.
Streets of Dubrovnik's old town. Old man in typical local dress. People walking in sun. Large dome of a church in the distance. Harbour with fishing boats. A small boat arriving at the dock side, with attractive sunlit old houses behind.

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