Film: 6523

Adverts | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Advert for the Austin Seven automobile. Silent film drama with piano accompaniment and comic recitation in verse related by Stanley Holloway.

Jaunty piano begins. Opening titles. Head and shoulders of Stanley Holloway in character to camera, wearing cap and with thick moustache. Begins speaking recitation. Fades into scene of active gentleman's club, somewhere in Wigan (?) - men playing snooker, others playing darts, people drinking and talking at bar in background. Man in suit and bowler hat (called Fred Higgins) hurriedly walks in through front door, over to the bar where barmaid is serving. He gets people's attention, pulling one man away from his snooker game. He tells them that another member, Sam, has inherited a fortune from his uncle - about £150. He downs another man's drink in his excitement.
Suddenly another man with moustache (Sam himself) proudly swaggers in, wearing suit, trilby, smoking a pipe. Looks very pompous and pleased with himself. He waves at everyone. He calmly walks up to the bar, removing his hat. He greets the young barmaid, and asks for a good strong cup of tea! The barmaid serves him tea in cup and saucer while he fiddles with his pipe. The other men look on, the snooker player taking the curious Sam aside to make him a business proposition…
At the racetrack. Several men in top hats and tails accompanied by well dressed ladies. Sam in the middle, served by a waiter bearing champagne on a tray. Ostentatious, lights up a big cigar. Clutches at binoculars. Greyhounds racing along track pursuing electric hare. Smiling Sam parading winning greyhound and holding trophy, superimposed over other dogs running.
Back to bar scene. Sam drinking tea from saucer while snooker player persists. Sam turns round to tell him he has investment plans of his own…
At snooker table Sam, now in shirtsleeves, is interrupted from his game by man in bowler hat (Fred Higgins) with another scheme… Sam, curious, tweaks moustache.
A small film set, with a man operating clapperboard. At the centre, Sam dressed as director in baggy pants. Rises from chair to 'direct' love scene - glamorous actor kissing hand of reclining actress. Sam pushes actor aside, pulls actress up from her sofa himself and kisses her passionately. She faints! Line of six pretty starlets on platform, raising their skirts to knee level for Sam, the 'film director', who smokes his pipe. Sam saunters across to leer more closely, then faces camera tweaking his moustache.
Back to club - Fred and Sam at snooker table. Sam plays a shot. Fred walks away.
Sam now throwing darts. Interrupted by another well-dressed man (Murgatroyd), with further proposition…
Outside deck of a South Seas cruise. Sam, seated in nautical attire and yacht cap, fussed over by eager white-suited naval attendants. One tucks in Sam's blanket, another serves him another cigar and lights it for him. The rheumatic Lady Fitznoodle with poodle, and male companion, passes by. Sam gets up to greet her, taking off his cap. Starts eagerly conversing with them both.
Back to club - Sam and well-dressed Murgatroyd again. Sam, pipe in mouth, looks interested and patient. But after confidently throwing one last dart, hands darts to astonished Murgatroyd and heads back to bar.
Now attractive barmaid grabs his attention…
Woman in elegant evening dress, pearl necklace and jewels - Sam's wife, posing in front of multiple full-length mirrors, trying on tiara…
Back to bar - barmaid and Sam conversing. Finally Sam dismissively deposits a few coins to pay for his tea and turns away - "I'm going to invest it" he insists.
Another smart-dressed man strides in, the car salesman carrying papers. He asks around for Sam, who bounds forward from the crowd. Sam follows the man out of the club. Most others follow, leaving puzzled Murgatroyd and Higgins looking at each other and scratching their heads.
Outside the crowd gathers round a parked car. Sam's wife is admiring it. The barmaid is impressed. Sam looks proud of his superior 'investment' - it's fast and good-looking. Front view of Austin Seven. Car driven along country road. The car's engine. Its roomy interior. Sam and wife in the front seats. The Austin Seven crest.
Stanley Holloway reappears to finish recitation with punchline!

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