Film: 6527

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


An amateur home movie recording a group of middle-aged friends (three men, three women?) on holiday as they tour Europe by coach.

Wearing a neat suit and hat, a woman smiles into the camera as she paces back and forth beside a black car in the driveway of a garden full of flowers.

The same woman walks towards the railings on the deck of a boat. Various shots of the boat, the passengers and views of an approaching harbour.

Balancing on another man's shoulders, the driver tries to fix the window of the tour coach. An older man (part of the holidaying group) lends a hand, laughing into the camera as he supports the man's bottom.

Guards and civilians chat at a level crossing. In the background, a building sign reads 'Banque de Bruxelles' while another sign nailed to a post states 'US Army, RTO Aachen'.
Various shots of cars, motorcycles, guards and civilians at a border crossing. The German and British flags flutter on two masts.

A fountain in a town square is decorated with the German flag. A little girl leads a toddler over to the window of a camera shop and points to a photo of a kitten. The holidaymakers peer into a shop window selling traditional wares. The group laughs as one of the men sits in a carriage harnessed to two bulls. Close up of one of the animals chewing cud.

The group wander up a street.

A young cat is distracted by a noise in the grass. A toddler in a stripy woollen hat is given a sweet by one of the women. He stares apprehensively into the camera. An old woman comes along and briskly wipes the boy's face clean before getting him to pose for the camera. Two of the men help a young woman to chop wood. Several shots of village streets, girls in traditional dress playing in front of a house. Two women wearing ornate shawls and bonnets pose for the camera by the coach door. Shot of the blue and silver coach. More shots of the streets and the snowy mountain range that rises up behind them. The group seat themselves on a bench in front of a hotel.

Bird's eye view of a river snaking through a valley. Members of the coach tour take photos of the landscape from a bridge. Three mountain goats have climbed up the side of the bridge. A man takes a photo. Three (Austrian, possibly Tyrolean?) border policemen stare and laugh into the camera. A group of very young children play in a pit and pose for the camera. One of the group of holidaymakers explores a lakeside. Various shots of the lake. The tour group reassemble after their break and climb into the bus. Jovial conversation on board.

Afternoon drinks on a hotel terrace.

Two very young girls in matching jumpers and headscarves smile for the camera. Point of view shots taken from within the moving bus show a church and partly snowy slopes.

A funeral procession moves down a street carrying a huge garland. The holiday group poses for a picture in St. Mark's Square, Venice. As they file across the pavement, a man with one leg limps by. One of the group has bought crumbs for the pigeons, he holds out his hand and is overwhelmed by the tame birds. A group of women hold their palms out to the pigeons. The man, now seated, has pigeons on his head as well as in his hands and is clearly amused. The camera takes in the detailed architecture of one a building. Views of Venice from a canal. The group stops for a drink at a café in St. Mark's Square. One of the women does a spot of sewing. Some monks cross the square. Two policemen in elaborate uniforms walk over a bridge. Various shots of groups of holidaymakers. A mother and child feed the pigeons. More crowds, more children. The group stands and talks by the sea. Point of view shots from a water taxi of the buildings, bridges and the San Michele cemetery. Inside the taxi one of the passengers talks animatedly and jokingly waves around a wad of banknotes.

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