Film: 6534

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Pro Britain World War Two wartime newsreel from United States.
Household cavalry. Beefeater Parade. Coronation of George V. King and queen among people. American court. Close ups of various faces. Mocked interior of House of Commons and Lords. People at polling station, voting. Men and women in industry. Lord Mountbatten and Lord Beaverbrook, Bevin and Morrison. Sign saying 'Drive On The Left' (U.S.A. military). Anthony Eden. Radio studio, German broadcasts Anti-British propaganda. Eden 'No Negotiation with Hitler'. Bomb damage, Sun headline 'Hess Flies to Britain'. Churchill, Map of British Empire, commonwealth parliaments, Royal Navy, Maharaja of Mysore, Elephant procession. India general views, Sadhu, India's holy men, Viceroy, judges, army (Gurkhas?), Gandhi, Nehru, Ali Jinnah, American landing in Africa.

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