Film: 6540

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Stills and engravings of early west American oil mining. North Sea oil rig seen from a helicopter, aerial shot. NORJAL drilling rig. View of helicopter on rig's landing pad. Aerial view of rig, drill and men working in overall and hard hats. Man cutting with a blow torch, men abseiling in a safety harness. Helicopter coming into land. Interior view with all the safety equipment. Men leave helicopter, safety posters and handbook. Drill and high pressure gauges. Explanation of the dangers of drilling and machinery. Blow out prevent and how it works. Underwater camera. Diving bell goes down and up. Standby ship and fire fighting ship. Control room with lots of dials and gauges, computers monitoring position of rig. Man uses a pair of compasses, map and ruler. Engine rooms. Drill pipe being lowered. Fire detecting system. Alarm and fire drill. Men in life jackets entering a escape capsule and being lowered into the sea. Aerials, radio room, telephones. Telex machine. Contact with the shore. Weather room. Close up of safety equipment. Clothing and posters, signs. Rig all lit up at night. Safety lights.

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