Film: 6556

Medicine | 1970 | Sound | Colour


The work of UNICEF of the United Nations and an appeal for funding.
Pictures / paintings of children dancing. Windswept / hurricane view of palm trees and hut. Young boy walks through flood into large building. Lots of flood scenes, wildstock (livestock ?), women with children. Town with bomb damage / bullet holes in buildings. Famine - small children with bloated stomachs and thin legs. Stills of children of all nationalities. People holding out hands. Picture of UNICEF cards.
UNICEF helper and aid trucks collecting food. Large crowd of people smiling and waving. Empty bowls. People and children eating. Medical supplies blankets, kettles, people receiving these items. Children being seen by doctor and receiving medication. People building houses. UNICEF Dairy bottle of milk being filled by machine, put in crates then being spooned to children. Drilling for water. People washing, water pump. Planting seedlings. Children playing games, jigsaws, woodwork being taught in school. Steam engines. learning sewing, women tribal dancing. Lots of cards shown between images.

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