Film: 6557

Food + Drink | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Recipes from Heinz canned products - yuk ! Tinned Food. A blank screen, slowly the face of a woman is drawn then the hair, her facile expression changes and then a can of Heinz chicken broth and vegetable soup appear beside her.The word soup fades out to a circle being drawn which is replaced by the photographic image of a plate of green soup with spoon salt and pepper beside, then slices of sausage appear in the soup. A pair of scissors next to some chives. A bowl of soup with chives. An apple spins slowly in midair. Pieces of apple fall from above into a bowl of vegetable soup, there are plants and flowers in the background. A drawing of a tomato changed into the word "tomato", the word "asparagus" appears below it and the two words more together. Fade-into a saucepan with a can of red tomato and green asparagues soup being poured into it. Photo of tin Heinz kidney soup, a tin of lentil soup rolls into it. A tray with two bowls of soup, french bread, spoons and serviettes. Photo of tin of celery soup, a can of spring vegetable soup rolls up to it. A tray with 5 bowls of yellow soup with green garnish and a bread basket. A chopping board with chopped onions and steak pan-across to a pan, some tomatos, peppers and mushrooms, tin of Heinz cream of mushroom appears among them. The words condensed soup appear, then the word soup itself is condensed. A pan full of beef and chicken soup casserole. A child-like drawing of a smiling sun which is then coloured yellow and red zoom in. A lemon, zoom out. Two halves of a lemon next to a lemon juicer, a bottle of milk appears beside them, then a cucumber some of which is sliced then a tin of condensed chicken soup. The words "chilled soup" appear and are then coloured blue. Two halves of an orange, zoom out then a milk jug appears then a can of tomato soup. Two animated children running, they are joined by a group of many. Drawing of womans face as in opening scene with big scared eyes. Lots of Heinz baked beans logos appear on the screen and then the word "beans". Three animated children wearing cowboy and indians costumes. A plate of beans, zoom in, eight frankfurters appear on top then chopped banana and then coconut. Smiling cartoon children. Cartoon of so called distinguished couple. Blurred image of candles, focus to reveal table with a plate of beans and a pork chop. The word "macaroni" appears on screen. A kitchen table with a slice of fried bread on a plate, macaroni cheese appears on the bread and bleu on tomato. The word "Spaghetti" appears on screen then a drawing of spaghetti, fade into a plate of spaghetti in tomato sauce, then appears some sardines and Parmesan. Plate of spaghetti on brown-flowerly tablecloth. The word pudding which changes into four drawings of children which then smile. A tin of Heinz chocolate sponge pudding. The pudding itself cut into far, the four cartoon children with big smiles. The four slices of pudding on a plate next to a fruitbowl on a table, slices of icecream appear between the slices of cake and then chocolate sauce. Close-up of tin of Heinz Golden honey sponge pudding. Dissolve into sponge pudding on a plate. An empty rectangular plate, then four slices of pudding appear then topped with sliced peaches and a meringue, same dish from a different angle. Cartoon smiling children running. The plate of cakes, one by one they vanish. Cartoon drawing of a chef with a tin of ceam of chicken soup, four eggs appear on his fingers, he throws them into the air where they spin for a while and changes into the word scramble. A fish is drawn and next to it appears a jar of sandwhich spread. A drawing of a gravy boat then obscured by a jar of sweet pickle. A shrimp is drawn next to it appear tomato ketchup and Heinz mayonaise. A cup of icecream and beside it a tin of raspberry apple and rose-hip desert. The chef smiles and above his head is drawn the number 1095. "1095 easy meals" (three a day for a year) coloured brown. The chef points a Heinz logos and smiles, two of them change into pizzas in his hands. The drawing of a womans face. A tin opener cuts a circle which becomes red and fills the screen.

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