Film: 6559

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Gymnast does somersaults over a " revolutionary " piece of furniture and some new chairs.
Man driving forklift truck with boxes. Automated cataloguing. Girls with gloves sits down and watches computer printout. Automated storing and stacking and saving space.
Inventions for the future.
Man unloading stacked boxes onto conveyor belt. Pushing. Pushing buttons. Tilting trays, dropping boxes.
Rally car spins around a corner., dirt and concrete track. man in a white coat, fiddling with machinery. Automatic production of car parts. Rotating machinery. Man writing sat at desk with phone. Lady speaking on telephone. revolutionary " fax machine " man and woman in the same office send each other faxes.
Docks, divers use circular power scrubbing brush to clean the hull of a ship. men pulling ropes.

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