Film: 6560

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W



Quebec, Canada, view from harbour, Shrine Of St. Anne's. Montmorency ? Falls. Traffic policeman, traffic, street close ups. Aerial view of Ottawa, soldiers, Mounties. People canoeing across lake, breathtaking scenery. People camping. Visited by mountie. Cooking over log fire. Fishing from canoe. Rapids and waterfalls. Fisherman standing in water, catches salmon. Indian tribes, superb wigwams. Indian talking with Mountie Kipowa tribe. Good views of clothes, children, Indian dress, horses, headdresses. Man prospecting for gold. Livestock - Beef cattle and horses being rounded up. Sheep. Shepherd with sheepdog. Mountain climbers, rocks, waterfall / rapids walking across glacier - very good. Horse drawn sleigh full of tucmen .... and children, stag runs across road, forest roads covered in snow. Girls ice-skating outside snow palace. People ski walking, skiing - Very good pictures.

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