Film: 6562

Shipping | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie. Canary Islands

b/w - view of island from ship and small boat in sea.
Colour - view of island from ship, harbours, city, gang plank lowered, soldiers guarding port. Turn to look at a lady walking past. View of island and coast from top of island. Trees, flowers, tortoise, gardens, chickens, family. shots - island scenery. People swimming in sea.
b/w - people swimming in sea and on beach. Nice island scenery, tree tops etc.
Colour - Mountains, foggy views
b/w - ship docks, street scenes, people and traffic. three-mast sail ship.
colour - people on pier. Man in one piece bathing costume, sea, swimming pool, ships.
b/w - Waves breaking on pier, steam ships.
Colour - Liverpool, harbour, industrial, ships.

An amateur film of the Canary Islands, Spain.

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