Film: 6565

London | 1950 | Silent | B/W

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Tower of London. Exterior views Coldstream guard marching, traitors gate, The white Tower, Ravens, Tower Green, sign of names and dated of executions. The Bloody Tower, Raleighs Walk, Waterloo Barracks, soldiers. Beefeaters, good view of uniforms. Trafalgar Square, general views people and cars, Nelsons Column, pigeons being fed by hand, general views of people and pigeons, Lions, fountains. St. Martin's church, exterior view, general view of traffic etc. Whitehall, The Cenotaph, general views of buses, Whitehall, Coldstream guards band marching down Whitehall, ex-servicemen parade led by Mr. Paul Bennet V.C. (magistrate). Scotland Yard, Downing Street (sign) and street close up of No. 10.

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