Film: 6567

London | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle "Leaving England in the dark days of the Depression of 1931, a Traveller returns for the Coronation and touring his native land sees the return of prosperity under a National Government".
London. Liner docking. Commuters, St. Paul's from Ludgate Hill. General views buses, cars, shops, policeman stops traffic for pedestrians. Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. Large advertisement on a building for Bovril. Whitehall, Piccadilly circus, street signs and lights. Building covered in scaffolding. Big Ben, tram, bus, night time.
Billingsgate fish market, men unloading produce and carrying boxes on heads. Covent Garden fruit and vegetable market. Men carrying produce on heads, trolleys and carts. Picking fruit out of boxes and crates. Flower girls making bunches of flowers and putting them in boxes.
Fashion, well-dressed people walking past shop window. Model on catwalk with large feather fan. Flower seller. Smartly dressed people. Man in top hat. Wedding, the bride in a chauffeur-driven car. She enters a hotel with a girl holding up the train of her dress, as traffic passes outside.
Work, building under construction, men digging on a building site, pushing a wheelbarrow. City of London, many businessmen. Man wearing mask with industrial sander. Man climbing ladder with large pile of tiles on head. Masons hammering. Fireman with hose climbs ladder into smoking window.
An operating theatre, the surgeons and nurses wear gowns almost to the floor. A chef uncovers meat and carves the joint. Pavement artist. A typist gets up from her typewriter and looks out of the window on to the street below, other people join her. Massive crowds. Trooping of the Colour. A policeman stands on the route. Soldiers marching. Opening of the law courts. A man stands with his newspaper. Judges and court officials form a procession. Statue of a man on a horse. Big Ben showing the time at five to three. Ceremony of the Opening of Parliament. Royal carriage. Children stand at a railing and wave at the carriage.

Intertitle "the End" but the film continues. Commuters enter the underground, a woman is selling something from a tray at the entrance. People travelling down the escalator, many men with bowler hats. Brief shot of women at a ticket window. London streets by night, illuminated signs at theatres and clubs. A theatre audience clapping. Street lights, traffic lights, neon lights. Statues and landmarks silhouetted against night sky. Illuminated advertisement for Gordons Gin with a cockerel. Morning. Cat licking top of milk bottles on door steps. Dust bin men. Policeman. Shutters opening, people opening up shop. Man cleaning shop window. Milkman with hand wheeled cart. Woman scrubbing front steps. Woman sweeping steps.


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