Film: 6569

London | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Two films.
Long shot of a crowd of people crossing the road people in hats., Commuters crossing a big iron bridge into the city for work. People clocking in at a clocking-in machine. Bank or Stock market. Rings of concentric desks and papers in a huge busy office. Women on adding machines. Machine counting money. Man then picks up bundles and ties them. Man on telephone silhouetted against a window. Floor of the Stock Exchange. Men buying and selling . street market. Children walking around a lamppost. Auctioneer. Street hawkers selling their wares, man writing.
1910's long shot filmed from top of open bus around London streets, starts on London Bridge, mixture of horse and motor traffic. Pedestrians cross the streets, a man with a bowler hat runs in front of the omnibus.

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