Film: 6581

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A documentary about the use of alternative energy in farming

A wind turbine to produce electric energy. A view of a farm. A farmer walks into a sort of laboratory, where, after having turned a switch on, he starts welding. View of two windmills and electric generators. The farmer in his workshop at work. A close-up of the blades of the two wind-turbines spinning around. Another farmer on a tractor transporting a huge solar panel. The farmers stops the tractor in front of a house and jumps down. View of a solar panel which is installed on the side of a stable. View of the inside of the stable where some cows are milked. The farmer walks in a room and turns a tap on. A view of a house, on its roof some solar panels have been installed. A close-up of the solar panels. A view of the water heating system. A woman puts some food in the solar food-shyer (eh?) and closes it up. View of a house; its facade is completely covered with solar panels. A farmer uses a machine to dry his grain that works without using other energy than the one produced. A view of a solar house, built as en extension of the farmer house. View of the interior of the solar house where a woman is working at the plants. The farmer wearing a cap, addresses the camera talking about solar energy. An open-air laboratory in Texas where the aeolic energy is employed for different purposes. A close-up of a wind turbine. A man, who is wearing glasses, addresses the camera talking about the costs of aeolic energy. A farmer by a wind turbine that it is used to put in motion an irrigation pump. Close-up of a meter. A view of the wind-mill. A car passes by. View of a farm. View of the inside of a stable with some cows. A farmer let some water now mixed with manure is collected in a pond outside the stable. The liquid is then pumped in a giant tube where it is converted into gas. A farmer in the stable, putting a milking machine on a cow. The liquid now shyed (what? dried?) is used again as food for the cows. A farmer giving the shy stuff to some cows. View of a river where the water separated from manure flows in. Cows in a stable eating food. The farmer addresses the camera. A close-up of his face. Images of the
farmers that featured in the film. A wind turbine.

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