Film: 6584

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


World War Two, war in the Pacific.
American army. Jungle warfare. Allies. Navy and airforce. Japanese emperor take a salute. Japanese army training and marching. Japanese women workers.

Roosevelt smiles at meeting with ? Map of the Pacific, from Japan, Burma, India, Philippines, New Guinea identified. Rounded arrows going from the south Pacific to the north. Large naval guns shoot shells. Boats off the shore of an island, an explosion in the hillside of the island. Aerial view of a convoy of ships moving through the ocean. Side view of war ships speeding through the water, one looks rather like a tank. Explosions on the shore, trees wave in the background. The American flag is pulled up a palm tree. American commanders walking out of the sea onto the beach ( of Iwo Jima?) including General MacArthur. ? The generals walk further along the beach. The United States Ministry of Defense? ( large neo classical building with ionic columns and American flag pole in front. American naval fleet with battle destroyers. Aerial view of a burning ship, an oil slick spreads around it as the black smoke towers into the air. From a bomber, a ship below explodes as the missile hits it. American troops in camouflage walk away from us along a creek bed. Four scouts look out over a jungle canopy from the edge of a cliff. American (or Australian? Could be because of uniform) troops spaced out from each other walk carefully along a river bed, their guns at the ready. A line of soldiers pass cable down the line. Two soldiers sit behind a machine gun, smoking and watching. A soldier, possibly Australian, squints through a telescopic lens?. Soldiers hand mortars along a relay. Tanks drive along the dirt roads. A tank fires its cannon. On the side of the hill, a village/ enemy base smokes and burns from the tank mortars. Soldiers crawl up a ditch on their elbows. Others pick through a burned out house. Soldiers carry a wounded man on a stretcher away from the wreckage.
The American navy, destroyers and aircraft carriers. A plane takes off from an aircraft carrier deck. A side view as the plane takes off the deck from a distance away. Planes fly above. Bombs drop on fields below making smudges of dirt. A prisoner of war? Walks in line of American soldiers, with a walking stick, all of the Americans carry their guns. A Japanese general salutes on the back of a horse. A Japanese military parade. A silk factory. Skeins of silk rotate. Women pick apart cocoons of silk worms. A metal factory. A Japanese officer looks through a strange telescope? Chinese soldiers rides horses at a run. The treads of tanks move along the ground. Repeat. An officer's face, he calls an order. The Japanese do military drills, galloping at swinging targets at a run bayoneting them from their horses. A solder runs around a field bayoneting dummies. The Rising Sun of Japan superimposed on a map, the islands have a coffin superimposed on them. The rising Sun flag is draped across the coffin.

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