Film: 6586

Politics | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Conservative Party film.

Good view of County Hall, on the Thames, with barges in the foreground. The London County Council elections. Poster reads "L.C.C. It's time for a change, Vote Conservative on Thursday". Another reads "Vote Labour on Thursday April 7th, 8 am to 9pm", and Labour gets things done. Another reads "Vote for Bonney, Dowling, Rayner". London Must Have A Chance. One poster has a section about comprehensive schools and large schools of 2000 pupils. The education debate in London. The Conservative L.C.C. leader is Henry Brooke with a photograph of him on poster. A wall of posters. Sign on a brick wall saying "Polling Station". People comes out of a polling station. Henry Brooke on the steps of County Hall. Mr Hayworth the Socialist Leader. Mr Brooke sums up the lessons of the election campaign. Teamwork if discussed. Everyone worked 'Like tigers'. Young Conservatives helped. 34 seat gain. Labour gained power by a shady trick. "If we can win in London, we can win everywhere". Mr Eden says a few words of farewell. Eden at a microphone. He boards an aircraft via a ramp. He shakes hands with his son, Nicholas. With him is Commander Noble, M.P. for Chelsea. Eden in Leamington, New Zealand, bandstand full of people. Eden signs an autograph on a little girl's back. Ruakura, suburb of Hamilton, New Zealand, agricultural and dairy farm research station. He looks at pens of cows. Eden in front of microphones in Australia. "We have problems at home". The Commonwealth discussed with its relationship with Britain.

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