Film: 6587

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Intertitle: New York N.Y. Tulip Time
Low shot of a large sign on the side of a building, flanked by the American and Dutch flags. Sign is headed "Holland in Tulip Time". Cut to two small children in the New York Botanical Gardens. They walk through greenhouse with lots of tulips. A woman in traditional Dutch costume (clogs, bonnet, apron etc) follows them. Two children wear "Dutch" hats. Hostess presents tulips to two schoolboys.
Intertitle: Baltimore, Maryland. Boys launch rocket.
Car with scaffolding attached to roof rack. Young men get out and take down scaffold which is an "honest to goodness rocket launcher" Boys remove long thin rocket from top of car. They check wires and batteries in rocket. Two others work on launching rack. They fix it to the ground by ropes attached to large pegs which they hammer into the ground. Boys fix control panel. Wires and circuit boards. They pour volatile liquid into a test tube. They fix the nose cone back on the rocket. Black poodle watches them. Boys attach rocket to scaffold. Boy puts on headphones and sits at controls. Fuse ignited. Rocket shoots up. Cloud of smoke left. End.

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