Film: 6590

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Japan.
Busy narrow side streets in Japan, Asia: street vendors selling what could be melons; Japanese lanterns on the outside of houses; people running; a cyclist. Willis with Matsiyama (a Japanese man) at the Heian Shrine, Japan. Shots of the shrine, a pagoda, and a Japanese women with parasol, possibly Geisha. Japanese people drinking water from shrine and then spitting it out. Japanese man in kimono and panama hat talking to male European. They bow . White woman in kimono walking through Japanese garden. People in kimonos in same garden. They remove their shoes at house entrance and enter. Women bowing to each while on their knees. Men do the same. They remain on their knees and are then given cushions. Servant pours out tea which they drink. They use fans.

Rail track shot from rear of moving train. Cross bridge, mountains in distance. Smoking funnel of the train. The Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, Japan, Asia, the building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Woman walks towards camera, man in suit does same. Man and woman emerging from hotel entrance and walking towards camera. Tokyo, Japanese street scenes, cars, office buildings. Man in shorts holds flower of a plant. Woman in Japanese gardens, traditional Japanese buildings, hills in background.

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