Film: 6602

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A film on male fashion, featuring Richard Briers.

Looking through his closet for a jacket. Looking at himself in numerous mirrors. Looking through magnifying glass. In bathroom checks appearance, face, sticks out tongue, turns off light. 1970's Party, people dressed up and drinking. Richard looks at self in mirror, tries to chat up lady whilst eating and chokes on food. Clothes shop windows. Richard looks at mannequins, dummy, in different outfits. In shop tries on outfits. Assistant shakes his head. Lots of stills of models in latest fashions. Richard looks at picture of male model and compares it to self in mirror. Smoking, trying to perfect 'cool' pose in picture. Photos of men in different outfits all around mirror. Richard naked on leopard-skin, wig with cigar and drink, covered only by leopards tail. (still) People walking down street (close ups of clothes). Stills of fashion 'extremes'. Richard looking through clothes, more fashion stills. Richard outside clothes shop window, wearing Y-fronts and shades. Stills of Richard as teddy boy, playing guitar (Beatles style), as biker, hippy with pigeons in Trafalgar Square, London, cowboy, rock star, traveller. Richard running round shop picking clothes. Showing lots of credit cards, leaving shop with female mannequin with a hat on whose arm drops off. Close up of shoes. Richard as different character putting on suit and filling up pocket with junk. Interior of clothes shop (men's) suits, ties, shirts. Exterior of Austin Reed. Fashion. Film for men on grooming and clothes.

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