Film: 6605

Industry + Work | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Cigarette promo.
Stars with stop motion animated sequence of cigarette packet opening and cigarettes marching in rows. Cigs then move to spell out title of film. Virginia U.S.A. Geraldo and his orchestra. Packet of Kensitas Extra-size cigarettes on tobacco leaf - commentary about quality. People in field of tobacco plants checking leaves. Man picking leaves. Woman stringing leaves on sticks for curing. Men hanging sticks in curing barn / curing shed. Human chain passing sticks out of barn. People grading leaves for quality. Man holding top grade leaves in close up. Checking leaves. Tobacco planter talking about business, processes, tobacco. People in fields picking leaves. Virginia tobacco auction. Stacks of leaves in auction warehouse. Auction in progress. Independent tobacco expert talks about quality of Kensita's tobacco. People walking down rows of leaves bidding and selling. "Independent" auctioneer tells how Kensitas buy the best tobacco. People smelling and checking leaves at auction. Men rolling large vats of wine in warehouse where they are being aged. Ship on ocean. Kensita factory in Surrey. People putting leaves on conveyor belt. Mixing and shredding of leaves. Machines making cigarettes. Close up of Kensitas cigarettes. Nexty follows musical sequence with Geraldo and his orchestra, sedate swing stlye jazz. Conductor and orchestra - "You are my Sunshine" - close up of different sections. Female vocalists. The packet of cigarettes. Wonderful advert.

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