Film: 6607

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Florida, U.S.A.
St Augustine, known as 'City of the Century'. Tourists travel by horse and cart. Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and fortress. Statue of Juan Ponce De Leon. NASA centre, Kennedy Space Centre, people looking at exhibit of Apollo 7. Exotic plants at Cyprus gardens. A show at the gardens with water ski display. A scenic Jungle cruise around Monkey Jungle. Everglades national Park where visitors tour by boat. Rainbow Springs cruise. Marine life and deep sea angling. The Aquarium and dolphin show, the original Flipper. Killer Whale Show with man standing on whales back and putting his head in whales mouth. Game reserve, lion country safari. A sign Trespassers will be eaten alive. Palm Beach Game Park with Tiger, Rhino and Giraffe. Orange groves and orange picking. The orange bowl Festival Parade, a procession with floats and a football game. Cheer leaders. Mobile home holiday park, greyhound racing, Horse racing at Hialeah Park . Gold coast and Miami Beach with sun worshippers and entertainment. Modern hotels and scenes of Florida.

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