Film: 661

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


1 - Very early railway copy (circa 1830's) carriages look like horse drawn carriages. Man blows trumpet. Engine draws three carriages. Stops quickly and driver falls into tender. Shoos cow off line. Lifts chimney off so engine will fit in tunnel, carries it up embankment and over hill. Gentlemen take top hats off on entering tunnel. Same cow on line shooed off. Stops train at river, attaches floats and chuff across, rows.

2 - Train - Cannonball in station. Everyone gets on one side and it tilts so throwing them off. Passengers push it back again. Tunnel entrance, man shoos cow, pigs, goats and geese out. Train driver reads paper, Gold Rush. Goat and donkey on line. Train stops dead, driver falls out of window. Carriages all higgledy-piggledy. Donkey kicks train. It now resembles a roller coaster. Wheels spin, but it does not move. Boiler bubbles up, engine spits coal out, hits men on head. Space rocket lands nearby. Men tie rocket to roof and train shoots along. Bus on line, train (animated) jumps over bus. Enters station pulled by donkeys.

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