Film: 6614

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


An instructional sound film of Buenos Aires in Argentina, South America with English commentary. Tells the story of Buenos Aires and his people.

Buenos Aires
Aerial views.
Commentary: "B.A. is a giant metropoli… one fifth of Argentinian people live here…"
Port with boats and ship. Clock 8 am CU ( church tower).
Commentary: "Rush hour"
Husband (with hat and suit) kisses wife and leaves for work (house, gate). Cars.
Commentary: "Means of transportation"
Tram ( sign "Belgrano CCA"). Street cars. Bus line (sign "Retiro").
Exterior of Underground Station ( "La Croze").Newspapers Stand. CU Newspapers ("La Prensa"). Men reading newspaper. CU newspaper "La Nacion" (Sport page -football).
Man getting into subway.

Commentary: "In other section of the city… Mr. x leaves his fashionable apartment, in a foreign brand car…morning traffic"
Man leaving his flat ( a porter) and gets into posh car. Wide streets wih traffic. Office in financial districts. Three men holding hands and talking.
Exterior offices (Gath and Chavez). Exterior shop (El Trust Joyero Relojero) . Bank (revolving door). Shopping center "La Imperial" with a sign saying Liquidacion (Sale). Ministry / Treasury Department ( Oficina de Hacienda).
People going out the stairs of congested subway ( sign "Plaza de Mayo")

Meat packing factory, cutting, washing, wiping, stamping, freezing, machines, lunch, saying grace. In office, executive dictates letter, wharves at the docks, beef exported consumer goods imported. Pampas - rural, farming life, wheat growing, cattle rearing, gauchos, sheep, pigs, to markets, trains to cities, huge railway terminals. Family at zoo. Llama ride, home life, father drinks mate (tea). Nightlights of city.

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