Film: 6615

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Diet of British people.
Demonstration of appalling film consisting of long titles during narration and a lecturer reading his notes & writing on blackboard
Cafes, hot dog sign, food advertising, soup ladled out, fried fish, salads, juices, interior of cafe, people and what they are eating. Fat man and too thin girl. Do not over cook vegetables, house wife over boils cabbage. The health food freak eats half a pound of parsley. Family at dinner, energy in people as factories. Family eat bread, milk. Fat people, woman struggles up stairs. Proteins, meat and egg. Factory stoker, beautiful furnaces, girl drinks milk, Chelsea flour mills, additives, vitamins, bread in the shop. Essential elements, explained. "Stop me and by one", ice cream seller. At the supermarket checkout.

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