Film: 6618

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


India and Pakistan, Asia. Amateur home movie.
Cowasjee and Co. at Malir Sind Desert. Indian children wave to the camera. Mounting a camel, two people (Indian man, English? Woman) on one camel riding around, dismounting. Other people have a go. A couple of locals pose for the camera wearing their turbans. Carlton Hotel with some cars and horse and carriages outside.
Intertile -With Mrs Croal at the Carlton A couple pose with her, then read a newspaper. Reading Gandhi's declaration of India's independence. Karachi City, bullocks pulling carts. Local market with the local people and man wearing pith helmet (European) walking through. European woman poses whilst local women wearing burkhas walk past. Camels pulling carts loaded with sacks.Other camels heavily laden.
4'30" En route to Lahore, by train. Shaky camera of view outside train. At busy station with people carrying variety of goods.Stalls selling food. Various European people stand in carriage doors, one lights up cigarette.
Intertile Lahore with the Hignells.
Young woman and 2 girls pose for the camera. British girls skipping, their mum joins in. Then play around with their father.Girls run around garden. Girls do an Irish jig. The man gets an air rifle and shoots into the sky. Ride in cart.
Intertitle:The Mall. A monument and then exterior of large shop with horse and carts going past. Anarkali Bazaar, very busy with lots of stalls city scenes, Lahore gate and Dubbi Bazaar. Station.
9'27" At the Shalimar Gardens. Hookah Pipe.Indian women and children wearing saris and shawls over their heads walk past

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